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El Salvador first ‘bitcoin country’ in the world: ‘Population hardly knows what crypto is’

Tomorrow, small El Salvador will get the worldwide first: Bitcoin is the first country in the world to become legal tender there. Other Latin American countries now also want to join the crypto. But many Salvadorans hardly know what a bitcoin is and mistrust the president.

In recent weeks, the first ‘bitcoin ATMs’ have appeared throughout El Salvador, but from tomorrow Salvadorans can really convert the crypto currency into hard dollars, or buy bitcoins. The Central American state – half the size of the Netherlands – is the first country in the world to make bitcoin legal tender. The current currency, the US dollar, will also remain valid.

Resistance and ambiguity

A special event. But the introduction of the virtual currency has also sparked protest in the country, which has a long history of political unrest, corruption and gang violence.

This week, opponents of bitcoin’s adoption took to the streets, fearing that the currency’s wide swings in value leave poor Salvadorans vulnerable. has enough information. A well-known critic of the government’s plans was suddenly arrested on suspicion of fraud.

Nearly 70 percent of Salvadorans are also against the introduction, according to a recent poll by the Salvadoran university UCA. There is also a lot of uncertainty about the crypto currency among the population of the Central American country: nine out of ten respondents do not know exactly what the bitcoin is.

Less dependent on dollars

So why is El Salvador taking this radical step? The controversial Salvadoran president Nayib Bukele says he wants to become less dependent on the dollar through bitcoin and hopes for more investment in El Salvador.

But perhaps the most important asset is the more than two million people of Salvadoran descent living in the US: the money they send to relatives in El Salvador accounts for a fifth of the economy. If they do this via bitcoin, they will save hundreds of millions of dollars in transaction costs every year, the president said.

No bank account

The first bitcoin ATMs would therefore mainly be located in areas where many Salvadorans live with family in the US. Although 70 percent of the residents of El Salvador (nearly 6.5 million) do not have a bank account, they can get a ‘wallet’ from tomorrow on which the government will put bitcoin worth 30 dollars.

For example, Salvadorans can pay taxes and loans with bitcoins, while salaries and pensions are still paid in dollars. Some stores already accept bitcoins.

Regional trend

El Salvador is not the only Latin American country that sees a future in cryptocurrencies, communist Cuba now also wants to allow cryptocurrencies.

Hyperinflation-ravaged and oil-rich Venezuela even made an attempt a few years ago to launch its own crypto currency, the petro, but it barely got off the ground. Meanwhile, the use of crypto has become common among more wealthy Venezuelans, as it allows them to circumvent their own floating currency.

El Salvador’s neighbor Honduras opened La Bitcoinera last week, an ATM where you can buy cryptocurrencies with local cash. And Panama is now also investigating the possibilities of crypto.

‘Publicity stunt’

The International Monetary Fund is not happy about countries like El Salvador making cryptocurrencies legal tender. According to the institution, these countries are going ‘a step too far’.

There are also concerns about President Bukele. has enough information. Critics see him as a populist with authoritarian tendencies: the bitcoin plan would not be an inventive monetary plan for his country, but a publicity stunt.

Bukele, meanwhile, tries to tighten his grip on the country. So far, a president in El Salvador has only been able to serve one term, but a high court on Friday stretched this to two terms. Despite US criticism of this decision, Bukele, who came to power in 2019, can now run for re-election.


Cartesi (CTSI) price prediction after the brutal sell-off

CTSI has collapsed from its recent highs. $0.50 represents strong support. Cartesi overcomes scalability issues. Cartesi CTSI/USD Remains Under Pressure; the price of this cryptocurrency has dropped from $1.27 to $0.49 since August 9, 2021 and its current price is around $0.67.

There is still a degree of uncertainty

Cartesi is a Layer 2 platform that allows developers to code smart contracts and dApps directly with mainstream software components and Linux OS sources. Unlimited encryption, massive scalability, and privacy are the key features of this platform, while maintaining Ethereum’s strong security guarantees. dApps running only on smart contracts face severe limitations on the amount of data they can manipulate, while dApps running on Cartesi can handle virtually unlimited amounts of data.

Off-chain components

Cartesi dApps are composed of blockchain and off-chain components, and it is important to mention that off-chain components run under a complete Linux operating system that provides the entire ecosystem needed for complex computations. Crypto has enough information. Developers can create simple to quite complex smart contracts by using all the programming languages, tools, libraries, software and services on Cartesi.

Cartesi was founded in 2018 by Augusto Teixeira, Erick de Moura, Augusto Teixeira and Colin Steil and it is important to mention that Serguei Popov, the founder of IOTA, became one of Cartesi’s first investors. Serguei Popov said:

Cartesi team

The Cartesi team realized that they were tapping into a broader scope, and the project evolved to develop a versatile Layer 2 Linux infrastructure to overcome the issues of scalability, computation, and infrastructure for blockchain applications.

CTSI is a utility token that powers the Cartesi network by solving blockchain scalability and high costs using a technology called Optimistic Rollups. The CTSI token is currently available on many exchanges and investors can also purchase CTSI through the Revolut app.

Fundamentally, there is still uncertainty about this project, and its success depends mainly on the strategy to expand market influence. Technically, Cartesi (CTSI) remains under pressure and if you decide to buy this cryptocurrency at its current price, you should use a “stop-loss” order as the risk remains high.

Bears are in control at CTSI

Cartesi (CTSI) has collapsed from its recent highs above $1.20, and it could be a long time before prices see a bigger recovery. Fantom price prediction is positive. The risk of further declines is still not over, the critical support level is at $0.50, and if the price breaks it again, the next price target could be $0.40. On the downside, if the price jumps back above the $1 resistance, we will have the open road to $1.20.


Cartesi is a Layer 2 platform that allows developers to code their smart contracts and dApps from simple to quite complex variations. Technically, Cartesi (CTSI) remains under pressure, and the risk of further declines is still not over.

Cyber attack

Biden to Putin: ‘Take action against cyber attacks’

US President Joe Biden has said in a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin that Moscow must take action against Russian cyber criminals. Biden’s call comes after multiple cyber-attacks targeting US businesses and critical infrastructure, such as electricity, internet access, drinking water and payments. Panic erupted in the US last weekend when cybercriminals linked to the Russian-based hacker group REvil hacked into 1,500 companies. The group demanded $70 million in cryptocurrencies for the release of the files. Vechain VET is well known in crypto.

No petrol and meat

It was also in May. Then the American oil pipeline company Colonial Pipeline was hacked. As a result, systems failed and half of the gas stations in several US states ran out of fuel. The company paid a ransom of $4.4 million to the hackers.

In the same month, the Brazilian company JSB, the largest meat processor in the world, was shut down by a hacking attack. The company paid the hackers $11 million to get the systems of slaughterhouses in the US and Australia working again. The White House then announced that a group of Russian criminals may have been behind the hack. Nano coin is well known in crypto.


The two leaders met a month ago in Geneva. Then Biden also started talking about possible Russian cyber attacks on American companies and infrastructure. He asked for Russia’s cooperation in fighting it. Putin then said reports of Russian involvement were false and denied having any knowledge of the attacks. It is unknown how he responded to Biden’s new call. According to the American president, it was “a good conversation”.

Secure VPN

How secure is a VPN and what are the best providers? A few tips and tricks you can do with in 2021, read it now!

How secure is VPN? To answer this question, I must first explain what a VPN is. A VPN is a so-called Virtual Private Network, so virtual private network. This means that your IP address is disguised and you connect to an IP address from your VPN rapido @ Globalwatchonline instead.

  • An IP address can be compared to a virtual identity card. It shows where you are and who you are. So Internet sites can get personal data about you and produce statistics about you and your behavior.
  • This is because Internet sites can recognize which pages you have previously visited and which links you click on. Thus, they can analyze your behavior and display advertisements that are tailored to you.
  • Unfortunately, however, it is not only websites. Because hackers can also use your IP address to get data über you, making you incredibly vulnerable.
  • With a VPN, however, all your traffic on the net is encrypted and your identity is masked. This means that Facebook no longer shows you ads about your favorite store, but also the hacker can not get personal data from you! From there, the VPN security is größer than your security, if you surf without VPN on the net!

How secure is a VPN and what should I look out for?

Unfortunately, there are also some VPN services on the Internet that offer little to no VPN security. So if you are wondering how secure is VPN, then you should also compare the different providers with each other. Here’s how to recognize a good VPN service:

1. How secure is a VPN premium provider vs free provider:

If you re concerned about your VPN security you should download a premium VPN. After all, Netflix VPN providers do not offer sufficient protection. Many features are not supported or need to be upgraded.

  • In addition, it is now öpublicly known that most VPN providers that are „free“ sell data of their users to third parties in order to finance themselves.
  • So VPN security is very low and your privacy on the internet is under attack. How secure is VPN free? = not secure! How secure is VPN Premium? = more secure!

2. no-log policy:

To the question „How secure is VPN Premium?“ I answered with more secure. Just because you re paying for a Premium VPN doesn’t mean that VPN is safe! So make sure that your premium VPN service has the following features. The first thing you should look for is an absolute „no-log„policy!

This means that the virtual network does not collect any personal data about you and does not track your Internet activity. This prevents your data from leaking and unintentionally getting to third parties!

3.Good data encryption for VPN security:

Your device is VPN secure if your provider offers you good data encryption! Otherwise, your traffic can be easily encrypted, which does not protect you from hackers. So make sure you have AES 256-bit encryption to protect yourself and your data!

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Famous Castles in France Chateau De Chantilly

There are very a couple of mansions and chateaux arranged around Paris and obviously the most notable of these is the Chateau de Versailles, however we figured we would investigate one of the lesser realized royal residences called the Chateau de Chantilly, which is additionally on a fabulous scale with incredible history and noteworthy galleries.

Not certain in the event that you understood, but rather this was one of the settings for the James Bond film called A View to a Kill featuring Roger Moore, alongside different spots in Paris that were in the film, for example, the Jules Verne café at the Eiffel Tower and being just an hour from Paris it has made this spot well known with travelers.

However, returning to the actual manor, it is a wonderful palace that is arranged in probably the biggest backwoods, with the home covering a zone of roughly 7,800 hectare, in addition to it has a recreation center of around 155 hectares.

From the Middle ages when development began this manor, it passed by means of legacy from individual to individual through various parts of a similar family and every beneficiary had upgrades and new constructions fabricated. That is, until it went to the Conde family who in the long run handed down the home to the Duc d’Aumale, yet this is the place where the inheritance reached a conclusion, as the two his Son’s had kicked the bucket in fight.

Along these lines, the Duc d’Aumale granted the whole home of Chantilly to the Institut de France depending on the prerequisite that it was opened to general society as a gallery, which happened a year after his passing and it is home to probably the best exhibition hall of authentic artistic creations in France called the Conde Museum. Indeed, excluding the acclaimed Paris gallery called The Louver, it is the solitary historical center in France to have three Raphael works of art.

Inside the Chateau de Chantilly there are various rooms lodging a magnificent assortment of collectibles, not simply compositions, for example, the Salon d’Orléans, which holds an uncommon assortment of Chantilly porcelain, in addition to there are the private rooms from the Duc and Duchesse d’Aumale, known as the Petits Appartements, that you can see similarly as they were. You can likewise visit the Cabinet des Livres or book room, which is a radiant library that contains around 30,000 volumes and furthermore incorporates around 1,500 compositions including around 200 archaic original copies and the most established one, which is the valued belonging, really dates from the eleventh century.

Inside the grounds of Chateau Chantilly that were planned by Andre le Notre there are the Grand Stables, which is the place where you will discover the Musee Vivant du Cheval otherwise called The Living Horse Museum. The 31 rooms of the Musee Vivant du Cheval, crossing over a surface of 4,000 square meters and having a 800 meter track, this historical center is quite possibly the most visited equestrian spots on the planet, also, they hold equestrian shows and exhibits all week long aside from Tuesday, which is the point at which the entire of the Chantilly bequest is shut.

You can respect the delightful wellsprings and the waterway, and the grounds are an incredible spot for a walk around watch the swans, feathered creatures settling and heaps of other natural life. Yet in addition in the grounds there are different structures, for example, a sanctuary and you can see the Jeu de Paume, which was a genuine tennis court and one of the last to be underlying France when development started in 1756, yet this is currently an exhibition hall room holding some exceptionally enormous canvases that would not fit elsewhere!

As recently referenced Chateau de Chantilly is open each day aside from a Tuesday, yet opens later at night throughout the late spring months and to completely value this fantastic palace, you truly need to try going through an entire outing with all the family.

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Plein Air Painting: A History

Convenient innovations

Plein air painting had the option to take off gratitude to the innovation of box easels and paint tubes. The crate easel, otherwise called a French easel, is a collapsing box the size of a short case that you can store all way of craftsmanship supplies in – the easel likewise accompanies adjustable legs so it can without much of a stretch be set up to help a material. Before paint tubes were developed, painters would need to make their own paints by utilizing various oils to blend powders of shades in with. Paint tubes made paint more available to individuals, however they additionally made it simple for individuals to convey paints about with them. With these two developments, plein air painting turned into significantly simpler, which was one of the fundamental reasons why it turned out to be so well known.

Sentimental people

The act of painting outside first began getting famous during the late eighteenth century. Sentimentalism was a development of imaginative, abstract and social advancement that started in Europe during the late eighteenth century and it was the Romantics who started looking to nature to make works of art. They needed their attempts to have a feeling of legitimacy about them, so it was just regular that they ought to make artworks whose motivation was the normal world. A portion of the more popular Romantic painters who make plein air canvases incorporate Meindert Hobbema and John Constable.


Plein air painting as a development truly started in the late nineteenth century with the Impressionists. What they began to do was to head outside and paint this present reality from their perspective. They didn’t focus on artistic creation stuff they envisioned, rather they portrayed the effects the world had on them. Impressionists were likewise exceptionally inspired by the way that light changed tones for the duration of the day: they would take a gander at the manner in which daylight changed the vibe of a scene at various times and they would attempt to catch these various impacts in their artistic creations. Recollect that plein air painting isn’t inseparable from Impressionism, however it’s as yet a significant piece of the Impressionist development. Some Impressionist painters known for their plein air artistic creations incorporate Van Gogh, Monet and Renoir.


Around a similar time the Impressionists were rehearsing plein air painting, a gathering of painters directed their concentration toward the existence of workers and their characteristic environmental factors. These painters lived in Barbizon, a little town outside of Paris. The focal point of these works of art was genuine individuals carrying on with genuine lives, not envisioned individuals in envisioned settings. It was tied in with catching life as it was. These painters made ready for an upheaval in France that prompted painters noticing the world and portraying it in a more reasonable manner, as opposed to exclusively depending on their creative mind to make canvases. The Barbizon School was one of a few gatherings all through France that built up the act of plein air painting. From France plein air painting spread all through Europe and the remainder of the world.

Plein air painting today

It’s nothing unexpected that plein air painting has never declined in ubiquity. While numerous specialists appreciate utilizing their innovativeness and creative mind to make canvases, the demonstration of basically taking your gear outside and portraying the world as you see it has an immortal allure. We’re naturally inquisitive and investigating our general surroundings goes some approach to fulfill our interest. There’s such a huge amount to see out there and plein air painting is an extraordinary method to get out there and see what the world has to bring to the table.