What type of floor should you choose in your house? There are quite some options available now

Do you want to lay a new floor in the new year? Then there are often many different choices to consider. What kind of floor do you want and what color are you going for? Are you going for a floor that covers the entire ground floor, or do you want a separate floor per room? In this article we discuss the floor trend for 2021 with you. With these floor trends you provide a new, trendy basis for your home. A pleasant floor under your (bare) feet ensures that you can feel completely at home. Which floor are you going for?

Beautiful wooden floor

A wooden floor has never been in trend, and we understand why. A real wooden floor gives a beautiful appearance and a natural look. Wooden floors fit into almost every room and interior style. Wooden floors are also extra popular because they last a very long time, have a good appearance and are timeless. A wooden parquet floor gives your space a natural and stylish look like the one combined with this type of product.

Laminate for more atmosphere

Laminate is a good alternative if you want a wood look and feel, but don’t want to spend too much money. A laminate floor is a party for your interior and wallet. You can install a laminate floor within a few hours thanks to the easy click connection. The latest laminate floors can no longer be distinguished from real wood. Make sure you have a well-insulated base, so that you prevent noise pollution.

Easy PVC

The PVC floor will also be chosen in 2021. Due to various developments, this floor is of increasingly better quality and the appearance is indistinguishable from a real stone or wooden floor. Because there are many different PVC floors, there is a suitable floor for every type of interior, especially when you look at Italian brands.

Go for fishbone

In 2019 and 2020 we saw it come back a lot, and in 2021 a herringbone floor is completely in. The way your floor is laid creates a beautiful pattern. This often reminds you of the parquet floor your grandparents used to see. But because the floor always has a chic look, it can be found in many contemporary interiors. This design on the floor fits into different living styles and is timeless.

How can you keep your floor beautiful for as long as possible?

Ready for a new floor? Then you choose a beautiful floor from the above trends. Provide a calm color that serves as the basis for the rest of your interior. A floor is quite an investment. We understand very well that you therefore want to keep it beautiful for an extra long time.