Cartesi (CTSI) price prediction after the brutal sell-off

CTSI has collapsed from its recent highs. $0.50 represents strong support. Cartesi overcomes scalability issues. Cartesi CTSI/USD Remains Under Pressure; the price of this cryptocurrency has dropped from $1.27 to $0.49 since August 9, 2021 and its current price is around $0.67.

There is still a degree of uncertainty

Cartesi is a Layer 2 platform that allows developers to code smart contracts and dApps directly with mainstream software components and Linux OS sources. Unlimited encryption, massive scalability, and privacy are the key features of this platform, while maintaining Ethereum’s strong security guarantees. dApps running only on smart contracts face severe limitations on the amount of data they can manipulate, while dApps running on Cartesi can handle virtually unlimited amounts of data.

Off-chain components

Cartesi dApps are composed of blockchain and off-chain components, and it is important to mention that off-chain components run under a complete Linux operating system that provides the entire ecosystem needed for complex computations. Crypto has enough information. Developers can create simple to quite complex smart contracts by using all the programming languages, tools, libraries, software and services on Cartesi.

Cartesi was founded in 2018 by Augusto Teixeira, Erick de Moura, Augusto Teixeira and Colin Steil and it is important to mention that Serguei Popov, the founder of IOTA, became one of Cartesi’s first investors. Serguei Popov said:

Cartesi team

The Cartesi team realized that they were tapping into a broader scope, and the project evolved to develop a versatile Layer 2 Linux infrastructure to overcome the issues of scalability, computation, and infrastructure for blockchain applications.

CTSI is a utility token that powers the Cartesi network by solving blockchain scalability and high costs using a technology called Optimistic Rollups. The CTSI token is currently available on many exchanges and investors can also purchase CTSI through the Revolut app.

Fundamentally, there is still uncertainty about this project, and its success depends mainly on the strategy to expand market influence. Technically, Cartesi (CTSI) remains under pressure and if you decide to buy this cryptocurrency at its current price, you should use a “stop-loss” order as the risk remains high.

Bears are in control at CTSI

Cartesi (CTSI) has collapsed from its recent highs above $1.20, and it could be a long time before prices see a bigger recovery. Fantom price prediction is positive. The risk of further declines is still not over, the critical support level is at $0.50, and if the price breaks it again, the next price target could be $0.40. On the downside, if the price jumps back above the $1 resistance, we will have the open road to $1.20.


Cartesi is a Layer 2 platform that allows developers to code their smart contracts and dApps from simple to quite complex variations. Technically, Cartesi (CTSI) remains under pressure, and the risk of further declines is still not over.