Cyber attack

Biden to Putin: ‘Take action against cyber attacks’

US President Joe Biden has said in a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin that Moscow must take action against Russian cyber criminals. Biden’s call comes after multiple cyber-attacks targeting US businesses and critical infrastructure, such as electricity, internet access, drinking water and payments. Panic erupted in the US last weekend when cybercriminals linked to the Russian-based hacker group REvil hacked into 1,500 companies. The group demanded $70 million in cryptocurrencies for the release of the files. Vechain VET is well known in crypto.

No petrol and meat

It was also in May. Then the American oil pipeline company Colonial Pipeline was hacked. As a result, systems failed and half of the gas stations in several US states ran out of fuel. The company paid a ransom of $4.4 million to the hackers.

In the same month, the Brazilian company JSB, the largest meat processor in the world, was shut down by a hacking attack. The company paid the hackers $11 million to get the systems of slaughterhouses in the US and Australia working again. The White House then announced that a group of Russian criminals may have been behind the hack. Nano coin is well known in crypto.


The two leaders met a month ago in Geneva. Then Biden also started talking about possible Russian cyber attacks on American companies and infrastructure. He asked for Russia’s cooperation in fighting it. Putin then said reports of Russian involvement were false and denied having any knowledge of the attacks. It is unknown how he responded to Biden’s new call. According to the American president, it was “a good conversation”.