Secure VPN

How secure is a VPN and what are the best providers? A few tips and tricks you can do with in 2021, read it now!

How secure is VPN? To answer this question, I must first explain what a VPN is. A VPN is a so-called Virtual Private Network, so virtual private network. This means that your IP address is disguised and you connect to an IP address from your VPN rapido @ Globalwatchonline instead.

  • An IP address can be compared to a virtual identity card. It shows where you are and who you are. So Internet sites can get personal data about you and produce statistics about you and your behavior.
  • This is because Internet sites can recognize which pages you have previously visited and which links you click on. Thus, they can analyze your behavior and display advertisements that are tailored to you.
  • Unfortunately, however, it is not only websites. Because hackers can also use your IP address to get data über you, making you incredibly vulnerable.
  • With a VPN, however, all your traffic on the net is encrypted and your identity is masked. This means that Facebook no longer shows you ads about your favorite store, but also the hacker can not get personal data from you! From there, the VPN security is größer than your security, if you surf without VPN on the net!

How secure is a VPN and what should I look out for?

Unfortunately, there are also some VPN services on the Internet that offer little to no VPN security. So if you are wondering how secure is VPN, then you should also compare the different providers with each other. Here’s how to recognize a good VPN service:

1. How secure is a VPN premium provider vs free provider:

If you re concerned about your VPN security you should download a premium VPN. After all, Netflix VPN providers do not offer sufficient protection. Many features are not supported or need to be upgraded.

  • In addition, it is now öpublicly known that most VPN providers that are „free“ sell data of their users to third parties in order to finance themselves.
  • So VPN security is very low and your privacy on the internet is under attack. How secure is VPN free? = not secure! How secure is VPN Premium? = more secure!

2. no-log policy:

To the question „How secure is VPN Premium?“ I answered with more secure. Just because you re paying for a Premium VPN doesn’t mean that VPN is safe! So make sure that your premium VPN service has the following features. The first thing you should look for is an absolute „no-log„policy!

This means that the virtual network does not collect any personal data about you and does not track your Internet activity. This prevents your data from leaking and unintentionally getting to third parties!

3.Good data encryption for VPN security:

Your device is VPN secure if your provider offers you good data encryption! Otherwise, your traffic can be easily encrypted, which does not protect you from hackers. So make sure you have AES 256-bit encryption to protect yourself and your data!